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Square Glass Coffee Table | Create Your Own

Putting a square glass coffee table in your living room can create a cohesive space and bring the room together. With quality glass and edgework from Glass Doctor®, you can create the perfect table with our custom glass services. Call us today and set up a free, in-home consultation to get started on your coffee table design.

Design Your Glass Table with Glass Doctor

Glass tables add a contemporary feel to any space. Square coffee tables, in particular, can become focal points in living rooms and entrance halls. Because of how versatile glass tabletops are, a custom glass solution from Glass Doctor makes the perfect addition to any existing decor or style in your home.

We offer solutions for all types of glass decor, including square coffee tables. We cut and style your new addition from high quality glass and ensure our measurements are precise. We also offer edge profiles range in a variety of styles, including:

Edge Profiles

Our glass solutions are made with the highest quality glass. For many of our glass table and tabletop creations, we recommend using safety glass or tempered glass to prevent injuries in the event that glass breaks.  

Safety glass is great for homes with small children and pets because it helps minimize the risk of injury. If this type of glass should break, it breaks into small, dull cubes, instead of jagged edges like most types of glass. 

Create the Perfect Tabletop with Glass Doctor

When you schedule a free, in-home consultation with a Glass Doctor specialist, we’ll help measure and design the perfect square glass coffee table for any room in your home. Since our specialists are certified by the National Glass Association (NGA), you’ll feel confident knowing that all the cutting, installing, and maintaining will be done by the best.

Call us today at (855) 603-1919 to design the perfect new addition to your home.