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Add Glass Wall Panels for a Sleek, Modern Look

Glass wall panels are a great way to make any room appear open and brighter. From bathrooms to patios, glass walls can turn your home into a sleek and modern retreat.  

If you’re ready to install a glass wall in your home, contact the experts at Glass Doctor®. We provide our customers with high-quality custom glass solutions, and will work with you to design a custom glass wall that fits your style and needs.

Interior Glass Wall Panels

There are a variety of applications for glass wall panels. To make sure you are getting exactly what you want, Glass Doctor offers free, in-home consultations with our certified professionals.

During your consultation, we’ll take measurements to determine the exact size your glass wall panels should be, then we’ll determine how your panels should be structured, framed, or mounted to achieve your goals.

Glass Thickness and Patterns

If you’re thinking of adding a pattern or design to your glass wall panel, the specialists at Glass Doctor will help you choose the appropriate thickness for your glass wall panels. The thicker the glass, the more complex your design can be. 

Glass Protection

Glass wall panels are a great investment. That’s why Glass Doctor offers safety glass options, including tempered and laminated glass, that will ensure your wall panels will last for years to come.

You also have the option of using tinted glass for your wall panels, which helps block harmful UV rays and prevents the fading of furniture. 

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Glass Doctor has been providing customers glass solutions and quality customer service since 1962. Our specialists are dedicated to providing customers with that same level of service today. 

Call Glass Doctor at 855-603-1919 to learn more about our custom glass wall panels and other glass solutions.